About JD Plastic's

Plastics have revolutionized the world, enabling us to enjoy the benefits of safer, lighter, stronger, cheaper, and more practical produce.

JD Plastics & Scrap Co. has successfully been in the plastic and film wholesale business for over 70 years. With over 10 locations throughout the USA and Middle East, JD Plastics offers a vast network of supply chain and inventories with an extensive product range including such major segments as "See-through" plastics (acrylics and polycarbonates), Graphics materials (substrates and a variety of materials such as foam boards, Styrene, Polypropylene and Vinyl banner material) and PVC resins. High-performance plastics such as UHMW, LDPE, HDPE, Nylons and Acetals).

JD Plastics provides an extensive supply chain coordination to the industry's leading manufacturers. This encompasses product representation on performance and selection, transportation, storage, and delivery.

JD Plastics and Scrap Co. provide a comprehensive supply chain coordination to the plastic scrap industry-leading manufacturers.

JD Plastic's Reliability – When you buy from JD Plastics, rest assured that your supply is from top producers and recyclers. In other to ensure quality shipments, materials from new vendors are thoroughly inspected at the facility before purchase. 

Continuous Supply – With our unsurpassed abilities to procure and source a wide variety of materials, we consistently deliver shipments promptly to meet all your plastic needs. 

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